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Through the Seasons®

We take you into the field as we put what we teach into action. Whether it's spring turkey, late-summer pronghorn, fall elk and deer, or winter waterfowl, this new series takes you - in an entertaining yet educational manner - along on our most memorable hunts... Through the Seasons!

In 2014, we changed the format of the Through the Seasons hunting videos and now offer short YouTube Teaser versions, Full Length versions (which are only viewable at the RHR website) and Extended Cut versions for members/subscribers only.

Most Recent Full Length Episode:
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RHR Through the Seasons You Tube Teaser Turkey Hunting Videos
RHR Through the Seasons Extended Cut Turkey Hunting Videos for Members


 Additional Episodes:

Three for Three with the Dolph Family! Hunting Kansas Rio Grande Turkeys        Stick it Out! Bowhunting Tough Kansas Rio Grande Turkeys        RHR Through the Seasons Extended Cut Turkey Hunting Videos for Members

Bowhunting Bull Elk        Archery Hunting Merriam's Turkeys        2011 Mule Deer Hunt - Seize the Moment

Episode 1 - Location, Location, Location

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