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Does RHR offer a satisfaction guarantee?
YES! We offer a full money-back satisfaction guarantee during the first 24 hours of subscription. If you subscribed in good faith but simply are not satisfied with what we have to offer, just contact us within the first 24 hours and we will issue you a full refund.

Once I purchase, how quickly will I have access to the videos?
Right away! As soon as your online payment is complete, you will have instant access to the videos via streaming right to your computer or internet-enabled wireless device. There is no waiting for us to ship a DVD to you - you get access right away!

How long will I have access to the Full Access subscription?
If you purchase the Full Access subscription, you will have a full year (365 days) of continuous unlimited access to all of the modules starting from the date you sign up.
How long will I have access to the individual modules?
For INDIVIDUAL modules (elk, deer, or turkey), you will have three months of continuous unlimited access starting from the date you sign up. NOTE: You cannot sign up for more than one individual module at the same time. If you want access to more than one module at the same time, consider the Full Access annual subscription.

If I upgrade from an individual module to Full Access, is it prorated?
Unfortunately, no. At this time, the way the accounting software is set up, we are unable to pro-rate based on the previous subscription level.

HOWEVER, if you are so happy with the service you wish to upgrade within the first 72 hours of your individual module subscription, let us know! We will then refund the individual module price in full upon receiving confirmation you have upgraded to, and paid for, the Full Access subscription.

Any questions before you sign up? Please email us.
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