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Kansas Unit 3 Whitetail Hunts
Roe Hunting Resources has always been about education, and sharing in the experience that comes from it. Now, we offer the ULTIMATE way to extend your learning and adventures in whitetail hunting.

All RHR whitetail hunts will have a strong educational component to it, designed to deepen your understanding of seasonal whitetail behavior, scouting and habitat/agriculture evaluation, set-ups and stand placement, calling and decoying strategies, and much more!

Roe Hunting Resources offers the following whitetail hunting opportunities:

  • Doe Management Hunts (mid-September through early-January)
  • 3–day "Assisted" Educational “Weekender” Hunts (Either Sex)
  • 7–day "Assisted" Educational Hunts (Either Sex)

Not only are we located in the middle of some of the most productive hunting areas in northwest Kansas, we manage thousands of acres of prime whitetail habitat for those seeking a high-quality, private land hunting experience.

The Hunt
Centered along, and around, the North Fork of the Solomon River in Norton, Phillips, Rooks, and Graham Counties, RHR's whitetail hunts are a cooperative effort between Chris, and several landowners who wish to make their properties available to those who seek a high-quality hunt experience, with an opportunity to take a truly memorable animal.  From treestands, to ground-blinds, to incredible spot-and-stalk opportunities, RHR's whitetail hunts provide hunters a variety of experiences, and opportunities, to hunt trophy whitetails however they wish – and learn more about them, as well! By being carefully managed, and not over-hunted, RHR's properties are highly productive all season long - not just the first week of November, or just the first day of rifle season! While hunters are encouraged to shoot mature animals, they are free to take any animal that fulfills their hunt expectations; Quality Deer Management practices are highly encouraged, but there are no penalties for harvesting younger animals – nor are there any "trophy fees" for shooting large-racked bucks.  Your hunt fee covers whatever animal you wish to take home with you.
While Chris hangs treestands, and places ground-blinds in strategic, highly productive locations well before season, hunters are allowed to hang their own stands, or place their own blinds, should they wish. All treestand hunters must wear industry-approved, and hunter-provided, treestand safety harnesses while on stand.

The Hunt Fee is entirely dependent upon the hunt you wish to engage in, but costs are very reasonable. Contact us for specific hunt package pricing. Regardless of the type of hunt you choose, ALL hunts are highly managed, "assisted" hunts; we have stands and blinds in place, shooting lanes cleared, access points/routes cleared and/or identified, deer movement monitored, and you (and/or your party) will be the only ones hunting a piece of ground during your hunt. We manage the properties and the hunts to maximize your success.

A 50% deposit is required to reserve your scheduled hunt, with full payment received no later than September 1st. Deposits are non-refundable.
Tentative 2017 Deer Season Dates:
  • Youth and Disability: September 3, 2017 to September 11, 2017
  • Archery: September 11, 2017 to December 31, 2017
  • Muzzleloader: September 12, 2017 to September 24, 2017
  • Pre-Rut Antlerless Rifle: October 7, 2017 to October 9, 2017
  • General Rifle: November 29, 2017 to December 10, 2017
  • Extended Antlerless: 01/01/2018–01/07/2018

We are based out of the small City of Logan, Kansas.

For an additional nightly fee per person, you can stay with us in our home, which is a modest, newly remodeled turn-of-the-century house on the west end of town. It’s not “glamorous” by any means, but it comfortably provides everything you and a friend/family member need for an enjoyable stay. Those that stay with us enjoy three meals per day, with a plentiful hot meal for dinner, and a mix of hot and “cold” meals at breakfast and lunch. We are able to accommodate most dietary needs if you tell us well in advance of your arrival.
Our guest room can sleep up to three; we have a queen bed, and a set of bunk-beds with full and twin mattresses.

Respectfully, we must insist that all guests be non-smokers as Chris is allergic to cigarette smoke - even on clothes. Also, we do have a very friendly dog and multiple lovable cats at the house, so if you're allergic to pets, please consider one of the alternatives below.

Area Lodging Alternatives:
    • Camp at the small City-owned campground for a nominal fee, which has restrooms (toilet and sink, no shower), camper hookups and water
    • Camp at Prairie Dog State Park outside of Norton
    • Contact the Corner Cottage (785) 689-8419
    • Contact the Logan House Bed and Breakfast (785) 689-4308
    • Stay at a hotel in Phillipsburg, Norton, or Hill City
Distances and availability to restaurants or grocery stores (some are closed Sundays and Mondays) may be an issue, so we recommend you plan your meals (and hunting licenses) in advance.
Some hunts may be videoed by Chris to be used as part of Roe Hunting Resources’ deer hunting educational videos, and/or the web series “Through the SeasonsTM.” Hunters who wish to have a personal copy of the hunt video may negotiate that request with Chris after the hunt.