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Through the Seasons®

At the end of the hunting season, we show you our hunts and put what we teach into action. Whether it is spring turkey, late-summer pronghorn, fall elk and deer, or winter waterfowl, this new series takes you - in an entertaining yet educational manner - along on our most memorable hunts... Through the Seasons!

Through the Seasons - Mule Deer, Elk, Colorado Merriams Turkeys, Kansas Rio Grande Turkey Hunting Video - Mule deer hunting, hunting elk, turkey hunting, hunting video, spot and stalk, bowhunting, archery hunting, turkey calls, turkey calling, elk calling, elk vocalizations and MORE!
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Beginning and advanced hunters can benefit from our instructional hunting videos, which cover such topics as elk behavior; cow elk vocalizations; how to use elk, turkey, and deer calls; scouting; decoys;  and more!

Hunting Instructional Videos
The Sweet Feed

Presented as a FREE hunting video blog, The Sweet Feed® takes you along with Roe Hunting Resources as we go elk, deer, turkey, pronghorn, and waterfowl hunting, and gives you hunting tips and tricks, field reports, and MORE!

The Straight Shot

Blog posts and videos taking a closer look at various hunting related topics, gear and equipment reviews,
and more!

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