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The Gallery

Containing hours of high-quality video and audio of elk in their natural habitats, "The Gallery" is designed
to help you develop a deeper understanding of elk behavior, vocalizations, and communication.

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Roe Hunting Resources has always been about education and sharing in the experience that comes from it.
Now, we offer the ULTIMATE way to extend your learning and adventures in turkey hunting.

Elk Hunter's Strategy App

Includes calling strategies, set-ups, and audio and video files all in the palm of your hand!

Elk Hunter's Strategy App

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Hunt with us and deepen your understanding of all aspects of turkey hunting, including habitats, movement,
behavior, scouting, set-ups, calling and decoying strategies, and processing and trophy preservation.

Locating Elk

The remainder of this elk hunting instructional video, as well as many more, can be viewed through an Elk Module
or Full Access Subscription

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When you understand WHAT you're saying, WHEN you should say it, and - most importantly - WHY you’re saying it, you’ll be able to Make the Right Call® in all of your hunting efforts!

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