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The most comprehensive online resource for learning about elk, turkey and deer behavior, vocalizations, calling instruction, hunting strategies, and more...

First released in 2011, the Roe Hunting Resources' Elk Hunter's Strategy App was developed by professional and degreed wildlife biologist, elk behavior and communication expert, and accomplished elk hunter, Chris Roe, and incorporates decades of experience and education on elk biology, behavior, vocalizations, communication, hunting strategies, and set-ups, and puts that information right at your fingertips. The first of its kind, it still remains the most comprehensive elk hunting app available on the market today.

You can find yourself in literally HUNDREDS of different scenarios out in the field. The Elk Hunter’s Strategy App asks you a series of questions about your particular situation to help you hone in on the best strategy, setup, and vocalization(s) you should use in each scenario. The beauty of the App, however, is that it goes beyond just telling you WHAT to do, it helps teach you what is likely going on in your scenario, and WHY the vocalization and/or strategy is likely to work in your situation. The Elk Hunter’s Strategy App is as much about your long-term education in elk hunting and elk calling as it is a short-term reference to help you decide what to do in the moment.

Look at some of the amazing features you get in the Elk Hunter’s Strategy App:

  • Powerful, information packed resource that can be used anytime, anywhere you have your device, whether in the off-season to prepare for an upcoming hunt, in hunting camp getting ready for your next outing, or on the fly and in the “heat of the moment.”
  • Extremely intuitive, responsive, and dynamic; it takes as little as 35 – 45 seconds to find your specific set-up and strategy.
  • It helps you to understand elk behavior and communication to improve future hunts.
  • Includes a discussion of the behavioral considerations of each scenario, multiple strategies for each scenario (passive, targeted and aggressive strategies), suggestions on how you should set up, and a discussion of how and when to use cow and/or bull vocalizations in that particular scenario.
  • Includes a Glossary of all of the cow and bull vocalizations you’ll ever need. Through the Glossary, we teach you what each vocalization sounds like and how to reproduce it through the use of written descriptions, audio and video* files through which Chris discusses the vocalization and the best calls to use to reproduce it, and videos* showing actual elk making the vocalization.

Elk season will be here before you know it; this is one hunting resource you do NOT want to be without!

*Videos require an internet connection. All other resources are downloaded to the device and are accessible without any internet connection.

Home Screen
Once the Elk Hunter's Strategy App launches, you will see the Home Screen.
  • About will take you to a screen that describes the purpose of the app.
  • Additional Info will take you to a page containing links to this website where you can obtain more information on the topics covered in the app.
  • The Glossary provides descriptions, audio files and streaming video*
  • Press START to enter the app.
How to Use the App
After you enter the app, you will be given a series of choices. Click the button that corresponds to the choice that most closely matches your current situation, or scenario you'd like to learn more about.

For most situations, you will be able to choose between Cow Vocalization Strategies and Bull Vocalization Strategies. Then, from within those strategy choices, you will be able to choose from a series of tactics which range from passive to more aggressive strategies. You will also be given suggestions for the best set-up you should use in a given situation. If a given strategy/tactic doesn't work for you/your situation, or the situation changes, simply hit the Back button to select a different strategy.

Throughout the app, we also provide commentary on behavioral and seasonal considerations: why the bulls and/or cows are acting that way, in that particular situation, to help you better understand what is going on with the elk at that time.
The Glossary
  • Written descriptions and diagrams to help you understand each of the various bull and cow vocalizations, and how to reproduce them; 
  • Audio files (downloaded with the app); and 
  • Access to streaming videos (with 3G or better internet access) that not only describe the vocalization and how to make it, but also include footage of elk actually making that vocalization.