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RHR Logo Hats

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$25 for non-subscribers / $20 for subscribers FREE Regular Shipping (contiguous US) $5 Shipping Expedited/Canada Currently offered in two styles, and in two Kryptek camo patterns, RHR logo hats not only look good for everyday wear, but the logo lettering was chosen specifically to allow you to wear the hats as effective hunting apparel; no bright colored lettering that will act like a neon sign while hidden inside a blacked-out ground blind, or while you’re tucked into the brush waiting for that gobbler to strut in just a few more steps! Structured hats hold their shape and form very well over time for those that like a more crisp, clean looking hat. Unstructured hats are more “low-profile” and work well for those that simply like the look of a more “low-profile” hat, or those that plan to use the hat extensively in the field, and that may have a sweatshirt or jacket hood pulled up over their head for periods of time, or that may want to pull a stocking cap down over it on those extra-chilly first- and last-light sits. Kryptek Typhon is as functional as a sharp-looking, every-day-wear black hat, as it is a black hat for concealment in a blacked-out ground blind. Kryptek Highlander not only looks good as an every-day-wear camo hat, but it works great in the field on its own, and – for those who concern themselves with such things – works as a great companion hat camo pattern that works well, and looks good, with a variety of other primary garment camo patterns. Hook and loop adjustment; one size fits most.