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  • River Bottom Rio Habitat, Movements, and Sign
  • Understanding and Using Turkey Calls
  • Understanding and Using Turkey Decoys

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Instructional Videos
River Bottom Rios
Throughout the range of the Rio Grande wild turkey, habitats can be quite diverse, ranging from the brush country of TX, to the farmlands of KS and NE, all the way to the valleys of California. In some locations, the presence, habitat, and movement patterns of Rios is consistent from one area to the next. But habitats within the river bottom corridors of the west can be highly diverse and the changing weather, and crop rotations, can influence seasonal patterns. As such, finding - and hunting - those turkeys can be a little more challenging.

In these videos, we'll cover the habitats, seasonal movements, and sign of River Bottom Rios inhabiting the cottonwood corridors of Colorado, Kansas, and Nebraska. While we will address those states specifically, folks hunting Rios confined to the river bottom corridors in other states will also find valuable information in this series to help with your scouting and hunting efforts.

Understanding and Using Turkey Calls
In this series, you will learn all you need to know about how to: operate all of the various types of calls (box call, mouth call, slate (or pot and peg calls), locator calls and other specialty calls); take care of your calls; select the right one for you; and when to use the call(s) in a hunting situation.
Understanding and Using Turkey Decoys
With the multitude and diversity of turkey decoys on the market these days, it can be a bit overwhelming trying to decide on which one(s) to purchase and which one(s) to use at what time – and why – in order to be successful. In this Series, Chris Roe reviews a number of different turkey decoys styles – hen, jake and full strut decoys – as well as different brands, including Primos, Avian-X, and Dave Smith Decoys. Chris also discusses the rationale behind using each type in the field, some of the advantages and disadvantages of each, and how to get the most success out of decoys on your next turkey hunt.