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Deer Module

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Unlimited on-demand access to our library of white-tailed deer hunting instructional videos covering:
    • Scouting/Planning
    • Calling and Rattling
    • Understanding and Using Deer Decoys
Instructional Videos
Scouting and Planning
While there are stacks of articles, and piles of information out there on food plots and hunting whitetails in and around areas of consistent agriculture, many of us: a) don’t have the ability to plant food plots or manipulate the agriculture in our area; and/or b) hunt in places where the crop rotation varies greatly from year to year. This is especially true for those hunting on public lands, or public walk-in access areas. In this video, Chris goes over the process he goes through when scouting new areas to hunt: from identifying areas in general, to picking the landscape apart to target scouting efforts, on-the-ground scouting tactics, and finding a place to hang a stand.
Calling and Rattling
Calling and rattling can be one of the most exciting ways to hunt whitetails. Depending on your location, time of year, and the calling and rattling strategies you use, however, the results of your calling efforts can vary. In this series, Chris will explain each of the most popular deer vocalizations used for calling in whitetails, how to reproduce them, and when and HOW to use them. Likewise, Chris helps you understand the different types of rattling sequences you can use for rattling in rutting bucks, and explains how to and when to use them, and shares thoughts on choosing rattling antlers for your calling efforts. At the end, Chris will help you understand how population dynamics can impact your calling efforts.
Deer Decoys
This series reviews the most popular styles of deer decoys on the market: from full-body HD buck and doe decoys to portable silhouette decoys. These videos also help you understand the difference(s) between each type of decoy, advantages and disadvantages of each type, and how to maximize your success.