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Landowner Services by RHR

  • Put the experts from Roe Hunting Resources to work for you on YOUR personal hunting retreat!
    Staffed by Certified Wildlife Biologists and experienced hunters, RHR can help you understand, manage, and enhance the game on your EXISTING or FUTURE private hunting property / lease.
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    Elk, mule deer, white-tailed deer, geese, ducks, pheasant and quail wildlife management on your hunting retreat / property.
  • Offering individual or turn-key services* to help you maximize your property's hunting potential including:
    - Pre-purchase analysis of a property's habitat and game potential
    - Management plans for do-it-yourselfers or to help plan and track progress on turn-key properties
    - Habitat enhancements and food plots / agricultural developments
    - Harvest strategies to maximize trophy quality
    - Pre-season scouting including analysis of movement patterns and placement of tree stands / blinds
    * Each service can be contracted for individually on an "a la carte" basis, or you can hire RHR to conduct all habitat management, harvest planning, and pre-season scouting / placement of multiple tree stands / hunting blinds on your property. It is entirely up to you whether you want to be personally involved, or you want everything managed for you to allow you to just show up and hunt your personal hunting retreat at your leisure!
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  • Step 1 - Do you need help deciding what to buy / lease?
    The broker / realtor swears it is a "hunting retreat" or "one of the best kept hunting secrets in the area"...
    Is that just hype, or have you actually found your next hunting honey-hole?

    Would you like to have an independent expert give you an honest assessment?
    Do you have the time, or expertise, to parse through all of the different websites, advertisements, flyers, and sale bills, not to mention going out and looking at each property—and all of the adjacent properties to analyze movement corridors, habitat components that may directly or indirectly affect your property's game potential, etc? Wouldn't you rather hire an expert to not only do the leg-work for you but, perhaps more importantly, help you figure out what the property is actually "worth" from a hunting perspective? Yeah, who wouldn't? Well, now you can.
    Contact RHR to schedule your free initial consultation.
    Sellers / Realtors / Brokers: Do you want top dollar for your hunting properties? Contact RHR to find out more about our low flat-rate or percentage-based "staging," which includes a basic hunting / game species assessment and, if the property shows potential, development of a video—produced by RHR—that can be used to showcase and market the property on real-estate websites, YouTube, Facebook, etc.
  • Step 2: Assess the Property & Develop a Management Plan
    For do-it-yourselfers, or to help plan and track progress on turn-key properties
    Remote Property Assessments / Plans:
    For some properties or property owners, actual on-site visits are necessary to properly assess a property's strengths, weaknesses, and ultimate potential. While these assessments typically cost more than remote assessments, for the most accurate and comprehensive assessments and management plans, nothing beats actually putting a boot on the ground!
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    While it would be ideal to have RHR biologists physically visit and assess your the property, in this economy, that simply might not be economically feasible. We are, however, able to review high-definition satellite imagery to see the "big picture" as it relates to your property. You can then "show us" your property through the use of photos and video and we can then video conference with all of those resources right in front of us. For a very reasonable cost, you can at least get some expert-level advice to help get you started on the right track to understanding and enhancing your property.
    On-Site Property Assessments / Plans:
    Habitat surveying for development of a wildlife, deer, elk, turkey, pheasant management plan for hunting purposes.
    Using Googe Earth and satellite mapping to assess wildlife habitat for deer, elk, turkey, pheasant and quail hunting.
  • Step 3: Habitat Enhancements and Food Plots / Agriculture
    Cover development, timber management, forage enhancement, water and mineral improvement
    While many wildlife management / hunting consultants concentrate on forage plots and supplemental feeding, we at RHR prefer to identify the specific limitations of your property and target habitat enhancement projects to create the right combination and balance of cover, food, water, and mineral supplementation. In the end, you will have a healthy, productive property that provides for a multitude of wildlife and game species in a balanced and healthy manner.
    Timber management for wildlife habitat including deer, elk and turkeys to enhance hunting opportunities
    Game habitat management, cover development, forage enhancement, foot plots
    Corn and Swamp Donkey by Primos deer for automatic deer feeder
    Contact RHR to schedule your free initial consultation.
  • Step 4: Post-Harvest Data Collection and Analysis
    Maximize trophy potential and/or bag limits
    So you harvested some game on your property and while it was a good season / year, maybe it could have been better. Is there anything to learn from the animals harvested that could help you improve your property for next year? You bet there is! For instance, an analysis of age / antler development progression, body weight / fat indices, and the reproductive status of the deer harvested each year can teach you a lot about the local herd. Similar analyses can be conducted for other game animals such as elk and deer, as well as turkeys, pheasants and quail. RHR can either help you determine what information is most vital to your operation and teach you how to collect and interpret that information, or we can collect it and process it for you. It all depends on your budget and whether or not you want a turn-key operation.

    Also, sometimes the best (and simplest) thing a landowner can do to improve the quantity and quality of game animals on his or her property is to simply modify the harvest strategies and practices employed each year. RHR biologists can help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current harvest strategy, assess how it may be impacted by management on other properties, and provide recommendations for what modifications (if any) should be made to better achieve your goals for more / bigger / better game to hunt!

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  • Step 5: Pre-Season Scouting and Movement Analysis
    Game camera surveys, walk-through observations, habitat analysis, trail identification
    Because game movement and use may vary from year to year—particularly if the surrounding agriculture is rotated within or between years—RHR can visit your property before the season to assess current movement across and within your property. From that assessment, RHR can help you determine good locations for stands, blinds, and feeders; or help you develop a sound strategy for spot-and-stalk. Also, as part of a turn-key approach, RHR can place out your stands, blinds, and feeders for you so—when you arrive at the property to hunt—it is ready for you to hit the ground running!
    Contact RHR to schedule your free initial consultation.
    Trohpy Quality 10-point White-tailed Deer Game Camera Photo
    Help hanging your white-tailed deer, mule deer, or elk tree stand
    analyzing game trails and agriculture

For many landowners, maximizing the quality and quantity of wildlife species – especially big game species – on their property ranks high on the priority list.  Whether it is deer, elk, pronghorn, turkeys, or any number of other wildlife species, RHR can help you realize your property’s potential.

While we stress the maintenance, development, and enhancement of quality, balanced habitats, we know it often takes more than that to understand, and maximize, the quality of species that utilize a particular property – whether it is year-round, or just seasonally. From comprehensive camera surveys to property specific harvest management strategies, we are there to help!

  • Wildlife and Habitat Consulting
  • Wildlife Surveys
  • Game Camera Surveys
  • Development and Monitoring of Harvest Strategies
  • Food Plots
  • Do-it-Yourself Management Planning
  • Turn-Key Management
  • Timber Management
  • Wetland Restoration/Creation
  • Shelter Belts and Tree Planting
  • Grassland and Upland Restoration
  • Farm & Ranch Management
  • Land Mapping

Service Availability:
  • The Pre-Season Scouting and Movement Analysis services are currently available in: Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas, Wyoming, New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas
  • Otherwise, all of our Landowner Services are available nationwide!
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