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Just wanted to extend a thank you for the product you provide. Each year I feel I have become a better elk hunter and spend numerous days afield. But I feel I have learned more from your site in the last two weeks than I could learn from years of actual feet on the ground.

I cant wait to put your practices and knowledge to use in a couple weeks.

I found your Elk Module to be highly useful in preparing for my 2012 archery elk hunt. I was using 10 preference points in Colorado, so this was a very important hunt for me. At 68 years old, I will not have this opportunity again. I hunted alone except for my two horses, on public land, mostly above 11,000 feet for over two weeks. I changed camp locations six times, hiked and rode over 200 miles, got little sleep, ate little and took a mature six point bull. Patient determination, calm at the core, was the key to my success. I found your cow calling techniques particularly effective. Your explanations of elk behavior were also very useful. Thank you and best wishes.

My wife and I LOVE what you have created with Roe Hunting Resources. My wife actually bought me a membership as my birthday gift this year.

Chris, I wanted to thank you. It has been a number of years since I have been successful, however with the help of your elk module I was able to harvest a cow and my son was able to harvest a 300 class bull. It was in large part to your videos.

2012 Archery Bull Elk Testimonial

I just bought your elk calling module this fall, and I have to say: wow! Great, great stuff, man! I learned more about elk calling from your video series than I have from all the other resources I've consumed on the subject put together. Easily.

I finally just subscribed to after several years of following your sweet feed. It's awesome! I've been a hardcore hunter my whole life and hesitated to pay for the subscription thinking there wouldn't be anything for me to learn. Man was I wrong! This is absolutely a must have for every hunter. Especially those who live and hunt in the western U.S. Out of all the websites, magazines, and events I have seen about hunting, this is my favorite, hands down.

My hat is off to Chris. Understanding what each call meant made all the difference in the world. We called two bulls in to less than 20 yds. First one got away because of bow failure at a critical moment and the second one is in the freezer.

2012 Archery Bull Elk Testimonial

Learning a ton from your Elk Module. Great info for breaking down elk talk. Much appreciated.

I love that you are such an educator and teach things that are truly important but not found in your typical elk hunting video/book. Thank you.

This site is great and Chris's knowledge is amazing. I have learned more from this site about calling elk than anywhere else and my calling drastically improved from last year.

I really enjoyed the YouTube video which made me come to your site. It is nice to see someone give the truth about hunting elk. You walk out and you pull up on a 7X7 and then go home.....yea right. It shows that you hunt hard and put in a lot of days and thing go wrong and some things go right. It is not a slam dunk when you hunt on public land and you do it the legal way. Way to go Chris this is great stuff.

This is the BEST elk instructional information out there. Chris takes years of hunting experiences and observations and boils down the behavior into easy to understand videos. The best part is he tells you the "why" of a call, not just how to make the call. Its like learning a new language. There are numerous ways to expand on the video knowledge through the forums, webinars and live presentations through out the year. I highly suggest accessing all the tools on the website to get the full benefit and make your hunt a success!

Wow this is great stuff. I have been hunting elk for over 10 years but have never heard anything this informative. Chris is a great teacher and the video is put together in a very good format.
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