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The Gallery
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What is the Gallery?
The Gallery is Roe Hunting Resources' latest installment of our advanced educational materials for elk hunters, designed to put you in the field - in the HERD - so you can observe and listen to the animals themselves, and learn from the very best. With just a click of a mouse, you can be in elk country any time you want!

Designed to help maximize your comprehensive learning opportunities, The Gallery - Elk Edition displays numerous video sequences of wild, free-ranging elk, naturally interacting with one another, across a variety of seasons and "behavioral" periods; current videos share footage from the rut, post rut, and winter range. From cows interacting with their calves, to big, screaming herd bulls defending their harems, The Gallery lets you be a part of it all!

UPDATE: The Gallery - Turkey Edition is NOW AVAILABLE!!!  The Gallery - Turkey Edition features numerous video sequences of wild, free-ranging turkeys, naturally interacting with one another, and in some cases with Chris, or other callers.  Focusing on giving the viewer high quality examples of vocalizations, and the behaviors that accompany them, The Gallery - Turkey Edition is heavy on the hen footage, but also includes select footage of mature gobblers and jakes interacting with each other, as well as a variety of decoys.

Setting the Stage:
For each video, we "set the stage" and provide the viewer with an overview of what was going on with the animals in the video, and within the herd or flock, immediately prior to the start of the sequence as a way to ensure the viewer has an accurate context in which to watch, listen, and learn.  Likewise, we provide recommended "viewing tips" to ensure the viewer has the best possible opportunity to soak in every vocalization, and every interaction as they enjoy the sequence. 

What You'll See:
Within each video, we start the sequence with an "index" as to the vocalizations the viewer will hear, the behaviors they'll see, and the time of year the sequence was filmed. As the video plays, and as different vocalizations are made or behaviors demonstrated, text is displayed within the video to identify the vocalizations and/or behaviors in order to help the viewer learn to identify those sounds and behaviors the next time they're in the field. Like all of Roe Hunting Resources materials, behavioral contexts, interactions, and vocalizations in each video are identified, and explained, from a sound biological, behavioral, and scientific standpoint.     
Gallery Video Index

Over the coming year, we'll add more videos for your enjoyment and education. We hope you enjoy the videos as much as we enjoyed bringing them to you, and look forward to bringing you more in the future. As always, we're here to help you "Hunt Smarter" and "…Make the Right Call" in all your hunting endeavors!

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